Day 4 Highlights, Wednesday, June 10th

We saved the best for last – today’s highlights:

The session led by Gerard Braud of Braud Communications – it was fun and interactive and served up some powerful messages (a longer post on this later – hint it contains silly string!)

After ages of tweeting, finally meeting Archana Verma, IABC’s Director, Marketing and Communication

A chance to video interview Bryan Person, social media evangelist and a person I’m now proud to call “friend” (not that the tim tams had anything to do with that!)

Heaps of goodbye hugs, well wishes and promises to “see you next year”

A wonderful Toronto video that reminded me what a great city I grew up in and while I don’t live there now, I’ll be happy to anticipate next  year’s conference

A photo op with my new Aussie buddy and fellow communicator, Lee Hopkins

A brief but lovely chat with Barbara Fagan-Smith of Founder and CEO ROI Communications

Hearing, meeting and having my photo taken with my long time hero of inpiration – Sir Ken Robinson

It was a fabulous final official day at the 2009 World Conference.

….there are more posts to come


3 responses to “Day 4 Highlights, Wednesday, June 10th

  1. Looks like a great conference, I look forward to hearing your overview.

  2. Great write-up of the conference. I thught Robert Swan was the outstanding presenter of the entire conference.

    Other thinsg that stood out for me were the need for storytelling and at the same time simplicity. Prof B J Fogg from Standford was also excellent. Standing room only in his presenation on Design, Behaviour and Change. If we want people to change their behavioour then we need to give them motivation and then a way to integrate that new behaviour into their existing routines.

  3. Clearly still tired from the conference – thought does indeed have an “o” , presentation is spelled presentation, behaviour too! Apologies to all the pendants out there …

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