When it hits the fan…

Gerard Braud Session –AS10 / New frontiers in media training in the age of social media
When it hits the fan – you’d better be ready (and covered in protective clothing as Gerard demonstrated live).

Picture it  – a room full of delegates, Gerard donning full protective gear, a protective tarp taped over the  wall and carpet, cameras at the ready, two audience volunteers brimming with childlike exuberance because they get to spray an entire can of silly string at their presenter. This entertaining example showing the point of just how quickly a representative from your organization (Gerard), can be made to look horribly foolish, it can be captured on film or video or both and uploaded to the world almost instantly.


As media coaches, we need to ensure those who rely on our expertise, know this and are prepared to avoid this scenario, and, at the very least, can find out about any such embarrassing situation and react to it swiftly. We just don’t have the luxury of long response time anymore.

Gems from Gerard
Ask questions to diffuse conflict
Seek and stand on noble high ground
We live in a world of immediacy
When crafting messages, it’s advisable to run them through the “cynic filter”
Don’t subscribe to the 3 key message theory, but embrace the key message tree instead
He urges us to develop “poster child” examples of who we serve and how we make a difference

Some Direct Quotes:

“Reporters like to write compare and contrast statements, beat them to the punch and craft them yourself”
“When developing key messages, it’s important to lay a sold path forward because this also lays a path for retreat”

A lively, engaging session that was packed with great insight (and some great photo ops!)

For the full photo stream, click here


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