Day 3 Highlights, Tuesday, June 9th

What a day! It’s a bit of a blur, but I know it included:

A heaping helping of inspiration for breakfast from our speaker Robert Swan, OBE (see post)

Spending time spent with old friends, making new contacts and connecting F2F for the first time with many others at Starbucks, the Exhibit Hall and the bar.

I was interviewed for an audioboo podcast by Bryan Person (man, I need to get me an iphone!)

I, in turn, recorded a video greeting with our incoming Chair (again, see post)

Found new uses for twitter, while in session

I got to share a “chardy” with some fellow Aussies

Saw my twitter buddy @jschultz present

Took an interesting tour of Second Life, guided by Anders Gronstedt of Gronstedt Group – truly the most visually appealing presentation of the conference — kudos to you Anders!

While I missed out on the dine around (in the battle between sleep, eating, and outtathegate reporting, eating lost out) I did have the chance to mingle and the networking reception though

…another great day….and tomorrow’s the final day…


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