A Dynamic Character in an Engaging Story

Wow. I want one. Or, I want to become one. Brian Dunn’s address was truly inspirational.

At Best Buy, it seems that irreverance, humour and a passion for technology walk the aisles alongside savvy strategy, sound business principles and solid growth. According to President and COO, Brian Dunn, they, as a company, engage in the dialogue with all their stakeholders – “it’s there whether you are or not”, so you’d better be.

IABC’s Excel Award Winner for 2009 urges communicators to hone their core story, embrace passion and, by all means, have some fun while you’re doing it.

This engaging and authentic man entertained us with his first top 10 list, then gave us valuable guidelines through every entry on his “top 10 REAL things I’ve learned about communications” list. In the spirit of transparency, I’m sharing some of those that most resonated with me. My top three picks from his list are “meet people where they are”, “don’t be afraid to  have some fun” and “know when to admit when you’re wrong”. These are the three practices that, personally, I just don’t see enough of in the organizations of today.

I hope that they will help us to encourage us to raise our game and go for greatness. I hope we can follow Brian and Best Buy’s lead and that we can create more leaders who share a similar approach and vision and more organizations creating an engaging employee experience like we see at Best Buy.

Brian really connected with the crowd. Sue Horner said it best, “He had us at #10!”

Thank you Brian and Best Buy for sharing your story – Brian, you’re one dynamic character!

And thanks for the new context around the phrase “tweet me”.

How did his address inspire you?


One response to “A Dynamic Character in an Engaging Story

  1. Linda

    Great coverage, and I applaud you for taking this approach to document it. I could not be at the conference this year, but it’s been good to be able to follow the sessions this way.

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