Generational Communications

Leah A. Reynolds / Michigan, USA, is national lead for generational strategies and rewards communication with Deloitte Consulting LLP
Anna Whitlow / Louisiana, USA, is senior communication strategist at Deveney Communication.

Session description:
With more generations than ever sharing the planet, communicators must refine messages to resonate with distinct and diverse targets. This discussion explores the differing modes and communication styles preferred by the Millenial, Generation X and baby boomer generations—and how generational groups can collaborate and communicate more productively.
This session will discuss:
•    News and information habits of each generational group
•    Tips for communicating in an authentic and generation-friendly way
•    Ways each generation can “close the gap” in the workplace

In bridging the generation gaps, session leaders Leah and Anna urged us to accept that there are differences, embrace them and focus on the commonality that exists within all age groups. They used their unique (and generationally influenced) delivery styles to lead an entertaining and insightful discussion.
So what are those shared desires? What do we all want?
1.    Work life balance – although it probably means different things to different people at different ages
2.    To be authentic – we want to be able to be ourselves, not act out some expectation that is insincere
3.    To be recognized – for our efforts, our successes, our skills
4.    To be respected – for our lifestyle, our views, our opinions even if they’re different
5.    To be heard – to know that we have a voice in our jobs, our departments, our organizations
6.    Interesting work – we want to know the context of our duties, jobs, and have interesting work to look forward to
7.    To be secure in our marketability – to know that we are continuing to develop new and marketable skills
8.    To have fun at work –
9.    Be drama free – to have to deal with a minimum of politics and focus on doing our  jobs
10.  To be compensated fairly

I also found some related and timely reading on this topic:
Motivating Gen Ys in a Downturn.  Penelope Trunk, founder of Gen Y online community, The Brazen Careerist, shares tips on managing millennials


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