Day 2 Highlights, Monday, June 8th

This was the first full day of the conference. I looked forward to a full day of sessions. Today’s highlights included:

  • An inspirational start to the day through the words, examples and contagious enthusiasm shared with us by Brian Dunn of Best Buy – IABC’s Excel Award Winner. Why aren’t there more like him? and more companies demonstrating innovation in communications
  • Hearing that cheaper iphones and apple computers are on their way (the Moscone Center is just across the street)
  • Meeting Sue Horner in person, for the first time, and seeing some old Toronto friends
  • Learning that, even given our behavioural differences,  there are enough common wants to build upon when creating generation specific communications
  • Learning tips and tools to help dispel the fears that CEOs have around social media
  • A big glass of buttery Cali chardonnay
  • Finding time for a long chat with Chris
  • Capturing some great photos
  • Having so many people contribute to the outtathegate conversation today – collaboration rocks!
  • Finding great Thai takeout for dinner
  • Creating three blog posts
  • Getting to bed before midnight
  • …ahh…day two is done, bring on day three!

2 responses to “Day 2 Highlights, Monday, June 8th

  1. Thanks for the highlights – and fabulous site – heading to the conference tomorrow … go geek girls! @monicafo

  2. Great meeting you, too, at long last! Umm, but sorry we did not go for our glass of wine. Too many sessions, too many meetups, so little time!

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