Cool Tools + Personal Learning Networks = Unlimited Education

Lately, I’ve been spending a more than a little time experimenting with some fabulous new online tools, animoto being one of them. I’m proud to say that I  have now created a couple  of short videos using animoto and there will be more to come.

These new found video creation skills got me to thinking.  How many people actually try the plethora of tools available to us these days? How many of us just remain comfortable in solely knowing they exist? Personally, I had heard about animoto, but it was a tweet with a video link from Neville Hobson that  actually spurred me into action. I watched his great “short” and I decided that I had some uses for this too.

Cue…AHA moment! This is the real value of social networking and personal learning networks. The big lesson in all this was how I learned this new skill.

This is exactly what a personal learning network  is supposed to do. The people who make up these networks expose me to new ideas, tools and techniques. They provide great examples. These people also encourage, inspire and applaud my efforts as I stumble my way through developing new skills and continuing my education.

To share the continuing education love, I’ve put together a comprehensive list of some of the coolest tools available these days. See the cool tools tab here on the blog. And please share your favs!


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