What does your podcast library say about you?

To be honest, I think mine says I’m a girl geek.

My little red ipod seems to accompany me everywhere these days. I’ll pop it on the walk to the post office, the train ride to the city or even when I’m vacuuming. This tiny rectangle contains weeks of  eclectic education covering marketing, technology, business, communication, public relations, personal development, inspiration and fiction writing. As my list continues to grow, I try to share those that become favourties.

Mignon Fogarty’s weekly Grammar Girl podcast is near the top of the list. It’s short, powerful and bursting with grammar tips, hints, explanations and clear examples. If you’re in communications, it’s definitely one worth adding to your library.

Two more that are right up there are Leo Laporte’s  This Week in Tech (Twit, for short) and Six Pixels of Separation, by Montreal’s Mitch Joel. And, as you might suspect, IABC’s Shel and Neville’s FIR, For Immediate Release, the Hobson and Holtz Report, takes the top spot!

What does your podcast library say about you? What titles would I find if I took a peek?

My beloved little red rectangle isn’t quite full yet, and I do have some long flights ahead, so let me know what you suggest.


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