Pre-conference preparations

Our pre-conference efforts should always include a little research, some planning and perhaps even some content preparation. Most of us barely have enough time to pack, let alone come up with a list.

I did a little digging and found this great blog post by Chris Brogan, president of New Marketing Labs, a new media marketing agency. It outlines  the 27 things to do before a conference.  I thought it might help to share it with you.  He’s made some great suggestions, especially to do with incorporating the power of social media.With less than three weeks to go until the World Conference, there’s still time a little preparation time. Have a read. I hope this rather comprehensive list will give you a new idea or two.

Have some ideas of your own? What are your pre-conference rituals? What do you in preparation to ensure that you get the most from the conference experience? If you have suggestions,  feel free to share them here.


One response to “Pre-conference preparations

  1. Wow. That is a seriously good and useful list. Because most of the conferences I go to are pretty big, I usually try to make some contacts with others that are going before hand and make time for coffee/drink. But, also, I think it is also really important to leave room for the serendipitous connection. Let the magic flow. A note to all Aussies attending – make sure you have your elevator pitch honed. Have an awesome time. Oh and use a spreadsheet to work out what you are wearing on what day! TMI??

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