Introducing … outtathegate!

Welcome to outtathegate – this is your link to breaking news, highlights and ideas direct to you from this year’s IABC World Conference. It takes place this June in the home of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California.

The outtathegate moniker will be used across a variety of tools. I’ll be blogging, Flickr-ing,  Skype-ing, YouTube-ing, tweeting and maybe even livestreaming a variety of daily updates and highlights (in accordance with the conference recording disclaimer of course.)

Pre, post and live conference updates will be linked to the outtathegate campaign making it easy for you to find, track and interact with the breaking news and highlights from this year’s conference.  You are invited to participate whether you’re attending the conference or not. I encourage you to share your thoughts, questions and personal experiences through tweets (hash tag #OTG or #IABC09), blog comments, participation in polls,  etc. And, at the conference, I’d be grateful if you were receptive to photos, interviews and the like.

PLEASE NOTE: I’ve created this campaign as an independent initiative. This is just one delegate’s conference campaign shared with you through the power of social media. It should NOT be confused with offical IABC communications.


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